Prelude in Em (Carcassi)

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This exercise has a soundslice interactive guitar tab. Click above to go straight there...

What You'll Need For This Exercise...

Grab your classical guitar and load up the link (above or below) to the soundslice for this case study.

How to Complete This Exercise...

Here are recommendations for mastering this classical guitar prelude:

  • Begin learning the chord diagrams – using this as you play will limit your finger movement and optimize your fretboard playing.
  • Practice the *very* static finger picking pattern until it becomes muscle-memory.  Train yourself to see how the same (or similar) finger picking pattern is used throughout.
  • Finally, practice it slowly to start (maybe half tempo…). The increase your speed as you improve.  You can use the metronome feature built in to to change the tempo for playback as you study.