Triad Transitions

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This exercise has a soundslice interactive guitar tab. Click above to go straight there...

What You'll Need For This Exercise...

All you’ll need for this warm-up is 5 minutes, your guitar.  When you’re ready click through to the interactive tab for this exercise.

How to Complete This Exercise...

Downstrokes and Upstrokes in Guitar Tab
Notice that arrows indicate upstrokes and downstrokes.

Since this exercise targets your fretting hand, be sure to stay focused on precision on the fretboard (firm grip and nice string tone).  Here’s what to do:


  • Load up the soundslice
  • Notice that the tab contains the same chord progression (A – D – E – A and reverses).  However, the chords move faster and faster as we switch from half notes to quarter notes and finally 1/8th notes.
  • Practice playing along with the tab (adjusting the playback speed to be comfortable).
    • Be sure to use downstrokes for half notes and quarter notes, then alternating strums (down then up) for 1/8th notes.

Continuing to Improve...

  • Be aware of using downstrokes and upstrokes that match the guitar tab exactly.
  • I highly recommend starting at a slow pace, so that by the time you get to plying 1/8th note strums, it isn’t too fast.
  • Remember that you can set loops to repeat custom-selections in the tab.  If you’re not sure how to use the looping feature check out my Soundslice Video Tutorials.  Looping is a great way to improve more quickly with a specific challenge.