Free Online Music Lessons

  • Free Sample: Introduction to Wavetable Synthesis Is Wavetable Just Sampling? - Wavetable uses samples, so isn't it just sampling?
  • Free Sample: Filtering in Ableton Wavetable MS2 Filter Circuit Explained - Learn about the MS2 filter circuit - modeled after the well-known Korg MS-20 Analog Filter.
  • Free Sample: Filtering in Ableton Wavetable Filter Circuits Overview - Get an introduction to Wavetable's collection of awesome modeled filter circuits.
  • Free Sample: Filtering in Ableton Wavetable Introduction to Dual Filters - Discover the flexible features of a dual filter.
  • Free Sample: Bass Line Contour Strategy Guide Contour of Major 3rds - The interval of a major 3rd acts as an "acceptable" range in a well-contoured bass line.
  • Free Sample: Arpeggio Inversions and Pedalling Pedalling - Learn how pedaling works technically and musically.
  • Free Video Lesson - Bass Guitar Fully Diminished Arpeggio - Learn the fully diminished arpeggio on bass guitar.
  • Free Video Lessons - Ableton/Push Intervals on Push 2 - Learn how to use chromatic (as opposed to "In-Key") mode on the Push to play intervals.
  • Free Video Lessons - Ableton/Push Understanding Intervals - In order to make the most of all 12 intervals, let's look at how and why intervals function in music theory to accelerate our music-making process.
  • Free Video Lessons - Guitar How to Practice Intervallic Melodies - Let's walk through how to apply intervallic recognition and talk about how much practice is enough...
  • Free Video Lessons - Guitar Recognizing Intervals - Lets get even more specific about our 12 intervals. Learning to recognize each interval using familiar melodies is a the tried-and-true method used by millions to "hear" the music in their head. This is how continue...
  • Free Video Lesson - Bass Guitar Intervals vs. Note Names - Learn to "rename" notes on the fretboard using intervals. This gives us a new path to optimizing our playing by leveraging even more patterns!
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