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Buy this individual course 'a la carte' - only $10.

While a premium membership on is the best way to learn (with goal-focused mini-courses in ALL topics), some students prefer to purchase 'a la carte' courses through  A la carte courses are single-topic courses that are purchased individually.

Learn How to Practice and Advance

In this course, you'll start with the basics and end up improvising solos and playing along with your favorite songs.  The essentials of good musicianship are presented, plus you'll learn how to play guitar solos and read chord diagrams.  This course is packed with the most useful topics that take up the first few months of private guitar lessons - take it from me... I've been teaching years and I've taught thousands of lessons.

Develop Fundamental Skills

While many self-taught guitarists can eventually find their own way to knowing everything in this course, many of them take years to get there (stumbling without a focus).  Worse yet, many never make it past buying their first guitar because they don't know what to practice or learn first, second, third...

  • Knowing enough to play music casually with friends and other musicians.
  • Refining your sense of timing and rhythm, so your playing "works" and sounds great
  • Understanding how to use easy fretboard patterns to make up basic (but good-sounding) guitar solos
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