iOS Music: Routing MIDI with MidiFire Instead of Midi Bridge

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MidiFire is a powerful app from Audeonic, the programmers behind the incredibly useful and reliable iOS app Midi Bridge.  MidiFire (like Midi Bridge) offers a graphical user interface for routing MIDI and connecting MIDI apps and MIDI signals within an iPad as well as from/to external devices over wires and wifi.  MidiFire is a worthwhile update that offers:

MidiFire offers a host of powerful features including MIDI remapping and “Channel Strip”.  Think of it as a one-stop shop for managing all things MIDI on your iOS device.  For more about the app, check out Audeonic online.

Connect... AND Charge Up

iOS devices have become powerful musical tools.  With the addition of Core MIDI, iOS became a viable platform for using MIDI to make music with nothing but an iOS device and a simple MIDI controller.  But, what if you want to send/receive MIDI from another device or from a laptop (instead of a MIDI controller)?  There are great tools for connecting an iOS device to the external MIDI world such as the iConnectAudio2+.

See MidiFire in Action

One of my online students asked about using MidiFire with iOS way back when Audeonic replaced their original app – Midi Bridge.  So, I prepared this brief tutorial and summary video (routing MIDI from Ableton to MidiFire and back):

Steady MIDI Clock

MIDI Clock is a must have feature on any performance-grade MIDI gear.  When you’re on stage and your MIDI clock is unsteady… it’ll drive you insane!

So, what is the solution?  Often, it is as simple as having one master MIDI Clock that sets a master sync for all of your equipment – Ableton, synths, arpeggiators, delay FX, etc.  MidiFire has one of the most stable MIDI clocks available in the iOS ecosystem.

Efficient Workflow

Once you have your iPad connected to the external MIDI world, there are many things you’ll want to do in order to make your life easier.  With MidiFire, you can do all these things with ease.  Plus, you can save, backup and share your configurations easily and gracefully using Scenes!  Plus, you can play your gig knowing that MidiFire is super-reliable and trustworthy.  Some things you may want to do:


While we’ve discussed some of the best reasons to invest in MidiFire, there are way more benefits.  Having a more reliable, flexible and professional hub for your MIDI routing will save you stress, time and creative energy!

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