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There are 2 main reasons why many musicians give up or lose focus on their music:

  1. Life gets busy and there just isn't enough time to track down a teacher, drive to lessons on time and still find time to practice .
  2. Beyond all that, music is a vast experience and it's too easy (and too common) that musicians and students simply get overwhelmed.

That all stops now. Music Protest is the first online platform designed to keep musicians focused and motivated with a real curriculum. Every week, you'll get a simple, doable lesson delivered straight to your inbox. Each lesson focuses on one skill (based on your choice of topics). Each lesson contains a video presentation, simple assignment (should take less than 5 minutes a day), link to an online quiz and useful supplements (downloads, jam tracks and articles) will be linked to download easily.

Video Presentation

Congratulations! You signed up today for free weekly email lessons and you'll be glad you did. These no-obligation lessons are always video-based, so that you can see EXACTLY what you're supposed to learn (just like a 1-on-1 private lesson). Music Protest is about keeping it real and guiding you as you become a better, authentic musician.

5-Minutes Per Day

Is your musical development worth 5 minutes per day? Believe it or not, that is all you really need to do (but do it every single day - that's the key). Each lesson will clearly outline an assignment/exercise that you should do every day to learn the lesson properly. These assignments are carefully designed to be easy to do in under 5 minutes every day.

Tracking Your Progress

Most lessons will include a quiz that you can take online, every week, to evaluate and track your progress. The purpose of the quiz is to evaluate (for you, not us) that you've learned the lesson satisfactorily. Simply click the quiz link in your email (and on the lesson webpage) and see if you pass. They'll be quick!

Using Supplements

Most lessons will contain supplements as well. These could be jam tracks and tab (for Guitar and Bass), drum racks and instrument patches (for Electronic Music), presets or project files (for Audio and Studio)... You get the point. Simply click the supplement links listed in your email lesson (and on the lesson webpage) and they'll download to your computer.

Choose Your Topics

Music Protest offers lessons on a lot of topics and instruments. So, you get to select topics your interested in receiving lessons for. It's really up to you - choose a single topic or all topics. You can set (or change) your topic selections here.


Your FREE lessons come with absolutely NO obligation. That means that you can do what you can (and leave the rest). Of course, these free email lessons won't learn themselves, so you should follow along and do the daily work. But, if you can't (or don't) then you'll get a fresh new lesson the following week. Onwards and upwards!

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