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While a premium membership on is the best way to learn (with goal-focused mini-courses in ALL topics), some students prefer to purchase 'a la carte' courses through  A la carte courses are single-topic courses that are purchased individually.

Make Your Audience Feel Emotions

Whether you are a songwriter who wants to get started with writing commercial music or a chronic learner who has always wanted to understand how and why music conveys emotion more effectively than anything else, this course offers insights that you'll find very rewarding.

Develop a Compositional Approach

Learn by watching 3 walkthroughs on emotional music cues conveying "urgent", "calm" and "spooky".  Watch and listen as the music speaks for itself AND you get step-by-step explanations about how the music examples work.  These lessons are learned from my award-winning songwriting, studio production work and academic study in music and compositional theory.

I've always believed that music is one of the most powerful ways to convey emotion and help a group of people "get on the same page."  Rhythm, harmony and melody all play a part, but a good composer can elicit specific emotions quickly - in order to do that, you'll need a strong vocabulary in basic music theory and you'll want to know what your ideas "sound" like before you even play a note.  This course combines the art and science of this process.  Plus, you'll get a full primer on music theory essentials like:

  • Building major and minor scales by hand
  • How major, minor and half-diminished chords are built from major and minor scales
  • Learn to compose with chords as numbers, using numerals (how the pros do it)
  • Write elegant, expressive and concise music that gets to the point and delivers the goods
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