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Music composition and songwriting can be spontaneous and inspired, but many composers and songwriters find that a little music theory knowledge can go a long, long way to writing better music or writing better songs.  This course will educate beginners about the principles of music theory that are required knowledge for writing better music and/or songs.

You'll learn about scales - major and minor - and see how they are built from scratch.  Of course, music has many patterns and this course will help you understand how patterns form chords.  Understanding music theory will help you make more informed choices in your music.

Scales and chords are crucial to informed music composition, but you'll take it one step further and learn how professionals use numerals as a way to plan and create chord progressions that can be played in any key and on any instrument.

You'll also learn about rhythm, cadences, register, range and timbre.  If you have a background in these topics then this course will provide some perspective on how these concepts relate to the process of writing music that conveys specific emotions.  Otherwise, this course serves as an introduction to beginners so that you can learn to use all the tools of the trade!

This course is helpful to any student looking to learn about music theory and the fundamentals of compositional theory.  However, this course is specifically designed to support my other course: Film and Game Music Theory: Conveying Emotion.

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