How to Mix and Master Your Own Audio

Beginner's Guide

Modern mixing and mastering plugins offer an overwhelming set of features.  For example, iZotope Ozone and Neutron offers codec control, dynamic EQ, machine learning and AI.  As a result, learning which tools to use and how to use them can be a real challenge!  So, I’ve created a series of short, helpful lessons to illuminate the most important features of the most popular mixing and mastering plugins.

Get Started for Free

Firstly, anyone can take these lessons free of charge – you could start learning iZotope Neutron and Ozone right now by signing up for a free account.  However, my lessons will dive deeper than the feature list.  You’ll learn the concepts, the theory, technique and style related to mixing and mastering your tracks.  Furthermore you’ll notice yourself achieving more and more professional results.  

Learn Professional Software

Since mixing and mastering is essential to professional productions, it is essential to learn professional tools.  Therefore, you’ll be focused on pro-grade software that offers the same features that the pros are using in the industry.  No doubt, there are amazing tools for recording, mixing and mastering music.  However, you need more than just a software license – you need an experienced instructor, live support and personal guidance.

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Everything a beginner needs to get hands-on training

Immersive. Comprehensive.

This special educational series is designed to encourage focused progress and clear results.   In other words, each student gets live instructor support and a custom-designed curriculum that will match their personal goals.  Each curriculum is as thorough as it is aggressive, offering students an effective combination of live training, thoughtful assignments and hands-on projects.  So, naturally, Music Protest students experience sustained progress while staying focused and motivated. Learn more about (just some of) the topics included in this program:

Live Training

Music Protest's founding instructor will help you navigate hundreds of video lessons, develop personalized exercises and share tips and tricks from personal production experience.

Thoughtful Assignments

Each day, you'll get a clear lesson plan outlining a single concept to learn. Each concept is linked to an exercise and short exam, so you'll have confidence in your skills as you progress.

Hands-On Projects

Music Protest offers mixing stems, tutorials for mixing and mastering as well as downloadable projects and presets designed to help you enhance your skills and experience.

Arc of Your Success

Music Protest teaches practical skills based on years of teaching success through video lessons, live instruction and support.  However, I understand how important a personalized, targeted approach is for my students.  Music Protest offers both – tried-and-true lesson materials and a flexible curriculum.

Featured Courses

During your education on Music Protest you’ll access lessons and exercises based on your preferred learning style.  So, students can follow the automatic Learning Path or choose their own focus during each daily check-in. In the end, students get personalized instructor attention no matter what! Your customized path means focusing on what you need to learn rather than wasting time on knowledge you’ve already got.  Below are some examples of the the many concepts you’ll have the opportunity to focus on.

Example Projects

Since mixing and mastering are such hands-on skills, all students get access to exams and projects.  For instance, Music Protest students can sharpen their skills on real-world mixing challenges by downloading multitrack-for-mixing projects like those below.

Whether you prefer to mix in ProTools, Cubase, Logic or any other DAW is up to you.  Music Protest always offers common-format audio files for multitrack mixing in any DAW.

The Roadmap

Have Questions?

Please send me a message if there's anything holding you back from signing up. Want to know what "personal support" means? Reach out to me now and find out.

Your Learning Path

Your path, your way. Get instructor support to isolate the lessons most appropriate for your current skills and goals.

Daily Check-Ins

Daily practice routines are your best chance to boost your mixing and mastering skills.

Video Lesson Plans

Every video lesson is concise and to the point. Each video tutorial prepares you to understand and use modern mixing and mastering tools. Learn at home or on your mobile device.

Case Studies

Mixing and mastering are hands-on skills. Music Protest offers multitrack-for-mixing stems, compact projects, presets and more...


Check off the concepts in your mixing and mastering curriculum one at a time by passing short, instructive exams. With each victory you'll get to dive deeper into advanced concepts like mid-side processing and Dynamic EQ.


Most computers post-2015 are capable of handling the signal processing required for audio mastering (e.g. with iZotope Ozone).  Feel free to contact me if you’d like to know if your computer is up to the training.  Check out my concept page for CPU Optimization for examples.

iZotope Ozone is the industry standard audio mastering software.  Mastering with Ozone offers the advanced features that professionals demand.  But, using iZotope Ozone is simple and intuitive enough for independent producers to make sense of.  Check out my course on Do-It-Yourself Pre-Mastering with Ozone to get started.

Mastering with Ozone is easier because it uses machine learning and AI to assist you as you master your audio.  For example, Ozone can process a reference track and match mastering characteristics to your favorite tracks.  Feel free to ask me your iZotope questions.

Beginners will get Master Assistant in Ozone Elements – arguably the best feature for anyone new to mastering.

More experienced users may want Ozone Standard to get Match EQ – a power tool for dialing in lows, mids and highs for more professional results.

Ozone Advanced is probably a no-brainer for any professional. Check out my lessons about advanced features like Low End Focus and Tonal Balance components offer such rapid and outstanding results.  

Mixing audio is the process of blending the recorded elements in a multitrack recording (drums, vocal, etc.) into a cohesive ‘mix’.  Mixing is very subjective.  iZotope Neutron is an advanced suite of tools for mixing multitrack recordings.

Mastering audio is the process of preparing a final mix (typically a single stereo audio file) for distribution to the public.  Mastering is very objective.  iZotope Ozone offers a variety of tools for measuring and manipulating an audio mix to be optimized for distribution.