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This student portal represents a collection of additional learning resources for students of the Udemy course linked above.

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This course explores a variety of tools built into Cubase.  The following presets are designed to helps students make music with these tools by having access to additional starting points.  My hope is that these give you new avenues to explore in your own music making.  If you have suggestions for additional presets or resources, please message me  directly – I’m always open to good ideas!

The following downloads represent a library of 7 common beats – with a matching Groove Agent Kit and Cubase Project!

EDM Groove Agent Kit – A kit you can import into any project, containing samples and preconfigured to work with the included beats.

EDM Beats Project – A Cubase project containing the Groove Agent kit and 7 MIDI clips with unique pre-programmed beats using the Groove Agent kit.

Beat Toolkit (Cubase) – A collection of Audio and MIDI drum loops based on 7 common beat patterns.  Also included is a set of PDF Beat Maps for practicing finger drumming.

The 7 beat patterns are:

  1. 2-Step
  2. Dubstep
  3. House
  4. Jungle/DnB
  5. Techno
  6. Trance
  7. UK Garage


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