Removing Native Instruments Libraries Reliably on Mac

You Can't Just Delete Them...

There's a Trick to Uninstalling NI

If you try to delete items that you’ve downloaded (probably using Native Access) then Native Access will just think the installation needs repairing.  It is frustrating that Native Access doesn’t present a one-click ‘Uninstall’ button… but, that’s where we are.  Don’t worry, following the simple steps below will get you sorted out.

Uninstalling NI Libraries

There are typically 3 steps for uninstalling NI libraries on a Mac.  Here they are:

Note: before continuing, shutdown Native Access just to be safe.

  1. From your Finder’s ‘Go’ menu (which you can get to by clicking on your desktop), click on Go to Folder.
  2. Type /Library and hit return to open a finder window
  3. Now you’ll be deleting files (if they exist) in 3 locations within the /Library folder structure
    1. /Library/Preferences > com.native-instruments.[whatever you’re trying to delete].plist (file)
    2. /Library/Application Support > Native Instruments > [whatever you’re trying to delete] (folder)
    3. /Library/Application Support > Native Instruments > Service Center > [whatever you’re trying to delete].xml (file)
  4. After moving these 2 files and folder to the trash, restart Native Access and you should see the library is now listed under ‘Uninstalled’.
Fixing Duplicate NI Presets

I learned to do this by searching the NI forum.  I wrote this article, so that I’d remember how to do it :). I bought a Komplete Kontrol S49 that included ‘Factory Selection’ from Kontakt, Maschine and Reaktor.  But, then I got a Maschine MK3 a few months later and now I had the Maschine Factory Library AND the Maschine Factory Library Selection… I don’t like seeing duplicate presets/groups, etc.   So, I removed the Factory Selection libraries using this method.  Then, a while later I purchased Komplete 13 and found I had more duplicates.

Getting rid of duplicates in NI software should’ve been simpler – I think NI should sort that out automatically.  I had a lot of duplicates because I had the following redundant installations:

  • Both Kontakt Factory Library AND Kontakt Factory Selection
  • Both Maschine 2 Factory Library AND Maschine 2 Factory Selection
  • Both Maschine 2 AND Maschine Drum Selection
  • Both Reaktor Factory Library AND Reaktor Factory Selection R2

It was a mess.  I followed the steps (outlined above) to uninstall the 4 Factory Selection libraries and my duplicates went away!