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Who should learn this skill?

Cadences are harmonic structures that provide direction in a composition (an ending, a diversion or deception).

Primary Concepts for This Skill

  1. Cadences are often used to conclude a harmonic phrase or musical idea.
  2. Cadences can occur in the harmony and in the melody, but most often they are harmonic.
  3. There are different types of cadences:
    1. Perfect (or ‘Authentic’) cadences (V-I)
    2. Plagal cadences (IV-I)
    3. Half-Cadences (ending on V)
    4. Deceptive cadences (V resolves to vi… or any chord other than the tonic ‘I’ chord)

Pre-Requisites (Recommended Only)

This skill is so fundamental that it has no pre-requisites.  Word to the wise… learn this first :)

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