Cowboy Chords

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Who should learn this skill?

Essential for any guitarist wanting to play through song charts (typically available online).

Primary Concepts for This Skill

  1. Cowboy chords are the most commonly used chords – played in open position (meaning that they contain open strings).  Examples of cowboy chords are: G, C, D, E, Am and others.
  2. They are called “Cowboy” chords because these are stereotypical chords played ‘around-the-campfire’ (at least I assume that’s where the name comes from :).
  3. Generally ANY chords on the guitar that are played in open position would be considered cowboy chords, but nobody thinks cowboy chords include barre chords.
  4. Cowboy chords are required knowledge for anyone who wants to learn to play/strum popular music… since most popular music (since the advent of the guitar in popular music) can be played with nothing but “Cowboy” chords!

Pre-Requisites (Recommended Only)

This skill is so fundamental that it has no pre-requisites.  Word to the wise… learn this first :)

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