Minor Chords

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Who should learn this skill?

Learn to hear (and understand) the darker/melancholy tone of minor chords (as opposed to the more grounded major sound).

Primary Concepts for This Skill

  1. Writing songs (or song sections) based on exclusively minor chords will make the song “feel” dark/heavy/melancholy.
  2. In every major key, the chords built from the 2nd, 3rd and 6th scale degrees will produce a minor chord.
  3. Minor chords have a minor 3rd (flatted by a 1/2 step – or 1 fret).  If you modify a major chord so that the third is flatted, you’ll get a minor chord instead.

Pre-Requisites (Recommended Only)

This skill is so fundamental that it has no pre-requisites.  Word to the wise… learn this first :)

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