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Who should learn this skill?

Getting familiar with the the pitfalls and solutions related to mixing bass in audio production is crucial to all - but, especially electronic music!

Primary Concepts for This Skill

  1. Mixing Bass is a fundamental skill in any kind of audio production (voice, bands, EDM… anything!).
  2. The most common challenge with mixing bass is reproduction, so mixing with a sub woofer is a significant advantage.
  3. Many engineers use visual tools to visually identify the best remedies for balancing their bass.  Even with good reproduction in a sub woofer, bass can be difficult to ‘hear’ properly since we tend to ‘feel’ bass more than ‘hear’ it.

Pre-Requisites (Recommended Only)

This skill is so fundamental that it has no pre-requisites.  Word to the wise… learn this first :)

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