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Who should learn this skill?

Most guitarists will start out playing something related to the pentatonic... its just THAT common and important.

Primary Concepts for This Skill

  1. The pentatonic is a 5-tone scale (‘pent’ or ‘penta’ for 5).
  2. In Western music the most common pentatonic scale excludes 2 tones from the common major or minor scale to create a scale with only 5 tones.  Typically, the scale degrees ‘4’ and ‘7’ are removed from the major scale to create a major pentatonic scale.
  3. One of the important musical characteristics of the Western pentatonic scale is that it doesn’t contain any half steps – this makes it a bit easier to use for musical results.  Think of the pentatonic scale as having training wheels – you can’t really go wrong 🙂
  4. A minor pentatonic scale also contains 5 tones and the same notes are removed, but they have different scale degrees in the minor scale (compared to the major scale).  For example in the key of C major, we’d remove the ‘4’ and ‘7’ – F and B.  In C major’s relative minor scale: ‘A’, we’d still remove the F and B, but in A minor those are the ‘2’ and the ‘6’.

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