Reading Guitar Tab (Basics)

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Who should learn this skill?

Useful to any guitarist who wants to read the lines and numbers in guitar tab and correctly map them to the guitar fretboard.

Primary Concepts for This Skill

  1. Notice that guitar tab has 6 lines, while classical notation has 5 lines.
  2. The 6 lines used in guitar tab represent the 6 strings of your guitar.  The numbers on each line/string represent the fret you’d play (with 0 representing an ‘open’ or unfretted string).
  3. The strings follow pitch from low to high.  In other words the bottom line is the lowest pitched string on your guitar (the thickest string a.k.a. 6th string) while the top line is the highest pitched string (the thinnest string a.k.a. 1st string).

Pre-Requisites (Recommended Only)

This skill is so fundamental that it has no pre-requisites.  Word to the wise… learn this first :)

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