3 Steps for Staying Motivated in Music Lessons

Music is one of the few endeavors that can feed a lifetime's appetite for learning. The good news is that music lessons are truly limitless. But, sometimes this actually makes music students feel discouraged and/or overwhelmed because there is simply so much to learn! Music Protest can help here... Here are 3 suggestions for staying focused despite the sheer challenge and scope of music lessons:

Setting Goals

Start by defining what you intend to learn. Here are a few questions that you may want to ponder before embarking on choosing an instrument or teacher. Why are you taking lessons? What would you consider a "successful" outcome? Can you concisely describe some clear goals that you hope to achieve? Music Protest proves every new student with a range of lessons in 10 topics. Each student can select their topic interests, so that their lessons represent their personal musical goals.

Music Protest students can set goals by selecting topics of interest.
Setting Goals: Free and Premium Students Can Choose Lesson Topics

Track Your Progress

As was said earlier... music is an enormous topic with infinite off-shoots. It can (and probably will) keep you busy for a lifetime. One of the most effective ways to stay motivated is to track your progress. This means knowing where you've been, where you are and where you're headed. For example, Music Protest gives every student their own dashboard. The dashboard will help organize your courses, lessons, quizzes and assignments. Furthermore, you can mark individual lessons as complete which makes tracking your progress much easier. Plus, quizzes and assignments are automatically graded and Music Protest students can monitor their "grading" right from their personal dashboard as well. You can even take quizzes up to 3 times and challenge yourself to achieve higher scores.

Training Dashboard helps music students monitor and track their lesson progress.
Track Your Progress: Completing Lessons and Assignments
Training Dashboard helps music students monitor their course progress automatically (based on completed lessons)
Automatic Reporting: Easily View Course Progress as Lessons Are Completed

Stay Focused

After you are clear on your goals and there is a framework in place to help you track your progress, it is common for self-taught students to simply lose focus. There are many reasons why this may happen. For some students it's because the they're very busy and they have a hard time juggling a consistent effort along with life's other demands. Some students get frustrated, not know what to do next (or how to evaluate what they've really learned). In both cases it can be too much to stay focused and keep making steady progress. Other students may simply have had poor teachers, or may have developed bad habits that make their advancement too difficult to accomplish on their own.

Music Protest will put an end to all these common distractions by leveraging better learning tools. For example, concise high-quality video lessons make it easier than ever to learn on any schedule. Plus, students get weekly emails containing engaging lessons, quizzes and assignments. Music Protest then tracks a student's work, grades and progress and consolidates that information in the student's Training Dashboard. This way, students stay focused on lessons based on their goals.

Students get weekly emails containing video lessons, quizzes and assignments based on their topic goals.
Weekly Email Lessons: Each Lesson Includes a Video, Quiz and Assignment

Tracking progress becomes as simple as logging into musicprotest.com and viewing your Training Dashboard. These tools matched with weekly email lessons helps online students stay motivated and engaged. If you're ready to start taking music lessons online you can get started today for free!

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