Electronic Music Live Performance: Ableton and MIDI

Great electronic music needs to be "playable", but most electronic musicians just trigger loops. A modern MIDI controller and some iPad music apps can make your performance more flexible and powerful.  Configuring Ableton Live and getting your MIDI routing optimized can be a big barrier for most artists.  This course breaks it down and makes it simple, so you can perform better music quickly (and reliably).

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While a premium membership on musicprotest.com is the best way to learn (with goal-focused mini-courses in ALL topics), some students prefer to purchase 'a la carte' courses through Udemy.com.  A la carte courses are single-topic courses that are purchased individually.

iPad Music Apps and Live Performance

Since electronic musicians use technology to make music, it makes sense that iPads are a great tool.  Using Ableton Live and iPad music apps together for live performance makes your experience on stage more visual and intuitive.  You can use any MIDI controller you want.  This course will show you how to get the most out of your tools when you're on stage.

Live performance requires expressive, intuitive instruments.  MIDI does a great job of making expressive electronic music possible.  In this course, you'll learn how to make better live instruments using your MIDI controller, good MIDI routing and Ableton macros.  Plus, make your live rig more visual and intuitive using iMIDIPatchBay and other iPad music apps.  iPad makes a great visual "dashboard" for electronic musicians and this course will show you how to do it!

Ableton Live Performance

First, artists need ways to be expressive.  Second, artists need reliability on stage.  Ableton Live is a great choice for those who need it all wrapped up in one tool.  This course will show you how to build a live stage setup that will empower your live performance to be both expressive AND reliable.

The Ultimate MIDI Controller

This course is a complete walkthrough of how I built my on stage setup for electronic music live performance.  However, using more than one device (iPad, Push, laptop and keyboard) on stage can be distracting. Since this course shows how modern software and hardware tools are used together reliably, you can minimize your distractions and simply make great music!