Guitar Solo: Interval Training and Guitar Improvisation

Learn to play a great guitar solo!  Start with a clear understanding of how and why a great guitar solo works by learning to use and play intervals. You'll learn how different note choices will convey different emotional impacts. But, even more importantly, students in this course will discover that a holistic approach to music encourages each player to develop their own "style".  Most courses teach students to reuse a collection of pre-fabricated licks and riffs.  This course dives into the art and science of playing great solos that are unique and original.

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What is Interval Training and Ear Training?

All melodies and guitar solos are made up of intervals - the musical measurements between notes.  Intervals can be learned through ear training and they also appear on the guitar fretboard in clear patterns.  This course will teach you to hear all 12 intervals and find them on the fretboard.  As a result, you will learn how to play by ear and create a great guitar improvisation every time!

Emotion and style are just as important as picking speed and technique.  This course is focused on helping you get to know all 12 intervals (through clear ear training practice).  With each guitar solo lesson, you'll find it easier and easier to know which intervals to choose AND find them on your fretboard fast.  Each interval will have an emotional quality.  This course makes it easier to improvise on the guitar while conveying emotion and style.

The Missing Guitar Solo Lesson

Until now, most guitarists learn to play lead guitar by learning riffs and licks or by mastering famous solos.  If you've already done that kind of lead guitar study, this course will be both refreshing and rewarding.  While this course offers a more direct path to playing a great guitar solo, it also builds on licks and riffs you know.  Since all licks and riffs are made up of intervals, this course can help you reinterpret what you've already learned, making you a more informed player!