Web Links

  • The San Diego Troubadour - Alternative country, Americana, roots, folk, blues, gospel, jazz and bluegrass music news.
  • musicappblog.com - Excellent online resource for iPad musicians.  Useful reviews and insights related to making music using apps on your iPad or iPhone.
  • Electronic Musicians and Producers - San Diego, CA Meetup - For anyone in San Diego, CA who writes and/or performs electronic music in and around the San Diego area.
  • Mid-City Community Music - Private lessons, group lessons, guitar jams and meetups for musicians and music students in the mid-city area of San Diego, CA.
  • openmikes.org - The craigslist of open mic events in the US and Canada.  This is a great resource for touring musicians to fill a static night on the road or for musicians to find open mic in their new home town.
  • Gig Town - A way for local, independent artists and bands to find paying gigs.  Gig Town is an app and another, new way for musicians and venues to interact (in a slightly more balanced way).
  • discchord.com - A great stop-in on the web for music app news, reviews and tutorials.  I've used discchord whenever I've downloaded a new app and I feel impatient about getting the skinny on all the features!
  • Listen Local - One of San Diego's longest standing independent music shows, featuring artists and bands from the San Diego independent music scene.
  • subreel.com - Subreel is a music blog that offers tips, product reviews and guides for musicians who are looking for perspectives in music and in the studio.
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