What Do Cubase MediaBay Icons Mean?

Cubase MediaBay

Sort it out and make music...

So, the MediaBay in Cubase is not that intuitive to the uninitiated producer.  You may have searched for something in there and found that your search results have icons, but you don’t know what those icons mean!  Read on to learn about the icons you’ll see in MediaBay and what they represent.


Get A Grip

MediaBay really does bring a lot of convenience to your production workflow once you know how to use it.  I’ll admit that I dismissed it as a minor feature of Cubase that was optional, but that was a mistake.  Once I dove in and figured out what it does and how to get it to do my bidding, I felt like a real dope for having wasted so much production time in the past doing these kinds of things:

  • Find loops and one-shots
  • Audition sounds in context
  • Organize old sample libraries
  • Consolidate sound packs and libraries

MediaBay Icon List

You can even download a MediaBay Icon cheat sheet and print this out for future reference 🙂