Music Protest

Music Protest


  1. a statement or action expressing disapproval of or objection to something.

Music Protest is a source of information and perspective for musicians and artists.  Most artists and musicians suffer significant sacrifice to make music the focus of their career.  We believe music is a gateway for human beings to express and understand life (and other people).   Many music careers start with an academic education.  I'm VERY grateful for everything that I learned from the academic world of music, but I think it is a misleading institution that should evolve.  So, Music Protest supports a different paradigm in music education.  Of course, we have music theory lessons, but we supplement your skills with perspective and a refreshing viewpoint.  Music Protest promotes a holistic approach to music, artistry, performance and more...

Unfortunately, the "music industry" is also a misleading institution.  Music can be a money-maker, no doubt.  But, music is MYSTICALLY powerful, important and transformative. Yet, we constrain the production and distribution of something so relevant to its commercial prospects?!  That is not always what the music industry does, but it's the rule (not the exception).  Truth be told, the modern music industry would no longer "authorize" the making of many of the greatest and most revered albums in music history.  There was a time when musicians were at the helm and the business folks were along for the ride.  These days, its the exact opposite and Music Protest can change that misunderstanding at a grass roots level.

Why I Founded Music Protest

I have a technology background... and a music background.  I'm a good problem solver, a composer and recording engineer.  I can probably relate helpful ideas about anything typical that anyone is trying to do with music (or a career in music).  Music Protest is a channel for that relationship.  I look forward to learning from the diverse, global music community.  Please subscribe, comment and share.  I'm glad you found me and I invite you to participate and get in touch 🙂

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